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The Party Season Special!

Who doesn’t love Theme Parties? This party season spice up regular parties with friends into an evening that’s truly special. You don’t need to work harder or spend more to make a dinner with friends into something of a spectacular occasion. As long as there is a group of family and friends on your invite list, you have reason to party and with Christmas and New Year’s around the corner, there is more reason. These days everyone likes to experiment with new cuisines, foods and ideas, why not add the same zing to the party too? Go ahead and try a theme party for a change. No, not the kind you dress your kids up for, something more thought provoking and intriguing is likely to be better. Here are some theme ideas for your next party.

If you love Movies:

Don’t do the usual Bollywood theme, step it up a notch and pick a director or actor to base your theme on. Do a Big B movies night and the ladies can have a blast choosing from the industry’s best leading ladies and this theme is as exciting for the men too, for they get to choose from a dozen or more looks and they get to dress snappy. For a more contemporary idea pick a Director like Karan Johar, who’s movies always have cool characters! Pair the food with the idea, pick up your favourite Vegit Snack Mixes, add a ‘twist’ if you like and serve them up with cool names, Vegit Soya Rolls with your Twist could be called ‘Hera Pheri ‘ or how about a crispy Chaat made with Vegit Aloo Tikki called ‘My Name is Chaat’!

If you love to Travel:

With the world getting smaller, it is very common for people to travel all over the country and the world for work and pleasure. Share your experiences over an evening on ‘world cultures’. The guests have to dress like people from their favourite holiday spot or the last city they visited or even the place they are due to go to. Club the menu for the evening with the cultures you are expecting and see the magic unfold. We already have a few Vegit Snacks for you to pair, if you’re representing the Gulf, then definitely serve Vegit Falafel and for a friend who loves the US, you can’t miss Vegit Cheese Balls and Vegit Burger Patty! And Vegit Veg. Cutlets have to be for your London loving buddies!

If you love Sports:

Why not go for a cricket or football themed party. Both sports are symbolic of friendship, bonding, healthy competition and the thrill of a win. Bring all that excitement into your home, send invites on miniature cricket bats, serve finger foods and put on an old favourite match to add to the ambience. Since football and cricket wives rate high on the glamour quotient, the ladies have a good time dressing up too. Since the menu ought to be ‘finger foods’, it’s best to stock up on Vegit Instant Snack Mixes, here are a few of our recipes with a ‘twist’ that make for perfect party snacks, in fact if you’re screening a game or match, then make the entire menu ‘only snacks’!!

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