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Pairing Vegit with Condiments


Vegit Instant Snack Mixes bring you traditional and favourite snacks from India and abroad, that can be made in no time with barely any fuss or hassle. The other great thing about the range is that you can add your own twist to your favourite Vegit snacks and make them your own ‘creation’! A lot of the snacks live Vegit Burger Patty or Pav Bhaji can be meals too, all you need is to add bread! But the real way of enjoying a snack is with a condiment and some would say, a beverage too. Once you decide on tea or coffee, you are left with a wide range of snack options from Vegit but what about condiments? Here is our recommendation for dips, sauces and chutneys that pair well with each product, feel free to add your own favourites and add a new element to your Vegit experience every time you make a snack!

  • Vegit Pav Bhaji: Though this is a complete preparation as it is, if you prefer to enjoy Pav Bhaji as a snack then we recommend a hot and spicy Coriander and Mint chutney to go with it. Being a potato based mix with a strong flavour of tomatoes, a hint of peas and carrots too, the coriander and the mint brings in a little extra spice and a touch of zing.
  • Vegit Aloo Bonda: This traditional snack from western India, is a favourite in parts of the south as well! With a spicy potato filling and a batter coating outside, this makes for a snack that is very satisfying. We suggest you try it with a typical south Indian coconut chutney to cool off the touch of spice and add another flavour to a delicious preparation like this!
  • Vegit Cheese Balls: These are a favourite with kids and adults alike. Cheesy and fluffy, it is hard to eat just a few! Cheese balls go best with tomato ketchup but you can try variants like chilli-garlic sauce or even hot and spicy ketchup. Since cheese is perfectly paired with tomatoes, this is a combination made in heaven!
  • Vegit Veg. Cutlet: Our cutlet recipe includes a variety of vegetables, like carrots, capsicum and French beans too. Bring in a whole new flavour companion by trying these with a simple and fresh tomato salsa. Make the salsa chunky since the cutlet is smooth in texture and you will love the combination of the two!
  • Vegit Burger Patty: These burger patties are best enjoyed between soft, fresh burger buns and the one condiment that completes a burger is mayonnaise. Make your own or buy bottled mayo to make sure every Vegit burger you make is perfect, you can also try variants like garlic or chilli mayonnaise to change things up a bit!
  • Vegit Soya Roll: Here the core ingredients are potato and soya both of which make a crunchy roll but need a tasty condiment to bring out the true flavours of it. We suggest you try this with a simple Indian Imli chutney, made with tamarind and jaggery, this sweet and sour sauce is a favourite with chaat lovers and paired with Soya rolls, it brings back memories of all your favourite chaat items!
  • Vegit Aloo Tikki: These perfect Aloo Tikki’s are super easy to make and turn out super delicious too! Pair them with an condiments unusual to try something totally new, pair them with Garlic chutney, made with onions, garlic and a hint of tomato, the potency of this chutney is best enjoyed with crispy tikkis!
  • Vegit Shammi Kebab: Being a kebab, the natural choice to pair this would be mint chutney but we always enjoy a ‘twist’ to what we eat, so we recommend you try our Shammi Kebab with a green chilli chutney, keep the base mint and coriander but up the quantity of green chillies and enjoy a fiery, amazing snack!
  • Vegit Falafel: Falafel is an Arab snack, straight from the Mediterranean Gulf. It is best paired with either ‘hummus’ a ground chickpea dip flavoured with sesame paste or with an easier dip, hung curd seasoned with salt and chilli powder with a mix of chopped onions and cucumber in it!
  • Vegit Corn Star: Children are going to love this crunchy, star shaped snack which is why we suggest you serve it with tomato ketchup for them but grown-ups tend to like a bit of spice so for you we say, try these with a chilli cheese dip! Combine cheese spread with either red chilli sauce or a green chilli paste and make a customized condiment!
  • Vegit Sabudana Vada: Though these go best with hot tea, there is always scope for a chutney or condiment too! Though these are best paired with a coriander chutney, we always recommend a twist, so we say try this crispy, crunchy vada with a sweet and spicy tomato pickle. Tomato pickles are usually called fresh pickles and can be made like a chutney too, with a sprinkling of onion seeds for extra flavour!
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