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Children can be picky eaters, hence it becomes very important to give them a diet which is tasty yet loaded with nutrients.

Lunch is a vital meal. As your child is going to be in school for about 12 years of your life, you will certainly need to get some fresh ideas about what to make from time to time.

You need to pack foods that kids like if you want their lunch boxes empty every time. That doesn’t mean that their lunch box should consist of candy and chips! Just pack kid-friendly meals. If the kids don’t eat lunch that you packed for them, you are wasting both food and time preparing and packing those lunches. Don’t be in denial – keep tweaking lunch box strategies until you find foods that work.

Lunch box ideas

We are lucky to have such a wide range of foods nowadays.

People have come from all over the world to make their home in our country and they have brought some wonderful foods with them. Here are some handy ideas for your help:


Look around stores and bakeries and you'll find very exciting new foodsout there. Here are some of them: white sliced, high fibre, brown, wholemeal, whole grain, whole bran and choco-chip breads too. There are plenty of choices and a chance to liven up your sandwich straight away.


Remember how to avoid soggy sandwiches? Good because you wouldn't want to spoil these. Spreading a little butter on the bread will help keep the sandwich from getting soggy if you have a runny filling to put into it, but most sandwiches do not need a lot of butter.

  • Grated carrot and cheese with 'lite' mayonnaise (mayo).
  • Grated cheese and chopped carrot.
  • Take a roll and a banana to eat together. Soya rolls are good option they are tasty as well as healthy.
  • Take Bread slices, a roll or Veg cutlets, and lettuce to build your sandwich when you are ready to eat it.
  • You can also put in some cheese balls for a crunchy texture. Also, try to include a piece of fruit and juice that will keep the lunch box cool in summer.
  • Also, it’s always a good idea to put some effort in making their lunch visually attractive. After all, kids see before they eat.

For sandwiches most kids prefer super-soft white bread without the crust. Surely there are other things that your child likes in addition to this list of lunch box ideas. Think about what else your child likes and right it down. Create your own master list of the possible school lunches – it will make your life so much easier!

Also try Vegit Instant products, with these you can make quick, easy snacks and dishes. The specialty of thesemixes lies in the fact that you can addyour own twist to them. Surely every kid out there loves variety in their lunch box. Add Vegit and yourtwist to lunch boxes by adding yummy snacks from Vegit. They are healthy and versatile too!

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