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From a business perspective, Vegit presently targets three segments of the market:

Institutional Customer’s usage:

Where Potato Flakes are used as raw material. Bhujia manufacturing being the largest usage for this product for which our key buyers are Haldiram/ Bikanerwala as well as other Medium Scale and small scale manufacturers. Potato Flakes are considered better than fresh Potato as there is control over moisture, sweetness and better shelf life too.

HORECA (Hotel / Restaurant / Caterers):

Vegit Aloo Mash (Potato Flakes) is one of the most important processed potato products in the F&B industry since it can be used as a thickening agent, in bakeries as a filling, as mashed potatoes and as breading for various snacks which makes it a much sought out product in Hotels, Restaurants and with Caterers too

On the other hand, Vegit Instant Snack Mixes gives the F&B industry the flexibility to offer a variety of dishes without needing to stock many new ingredients. It also takes away all the inconvenience of onsite preparation and creates more time for garnishing and presentation. This product also provides hygiene, uniform taste and texture with a shelf life of 9 -12 months and it is easy to store.

Business Partners

Vegit Instant Snack Mixes

Vegit presents to you a range of 9 mouth-watering instant snack mixes ideal for the Indian palate. These are quick and easy to cook snack mixes which also allow you to add your own unique twist to the mix and create unforgettable snack time moments for your family, friends and guests.

The recipes for Vegit Instant Snack Mixes have been developed, tested and approved by India’s best culinary experts as we are constantly developing new recipes to meet the diverse needs of today’s evolved food enthusiasts. This also allows us to add more options to please your palate. The special 1 kg Food Service Pack of the Vegit Instant Snack Mixes contains the main Snack Mix and the accompanying ingredients. You can add your own zest of creativity according to your preferences. Vegit Instant Snack Mixes is a wholesome snack containing natural vegetables and it consumes and contains lesser oil than the traditional snacks.

Recipes can be developed as per customer’s requirement as well.

Amazing Value:

  • The Vegit range of Instant Snack Mixes offer a variety of benefits for the Food Service Industry as they are practical to purchase, store and prepare.
  • They offer convenience with a fast turnaround in Food Service operations through reduction in time and processes, they are genuinely ‘instant’ in terms of preparation and service.
  • Vegit Instant Snack Mixes encourage savings in fuel / electricity, labour, material wastages and processes.
  • Vegit maintains uniform prices across the year making them economically viable too.
  • There is a Standardization of the taste, quantity and pricing in Vegit Instant Snack Mixes.
  • Vegit offers an expansive range of tastier snack and dishes year round.
  • Easy storage, handling and delivery through the wider distribution network at shortest lead times makes our product the ideal choice for industrial clients.
  • The shelf life of 9 months adds to the value.
  • Vegit Instant Snack Mixes are safe and healthy products as they are manufactured in accordance with ISO 22000 and HACCP certified plants which starts from the seed / farm to the plate, farm to fork in industry-speak.

We provide more profits for the Food Service Customers through:

  • Retaining older customer & attracting newer ones.
  • Quick serving times.
  • Savings in fuel, labour, wastages and processes.
  • Wide Range of dishes / offerings.

Vegit Aloo Mash (Potato Flakes)

Benefits   Technical Specifications   Nutritional Facts  

Vegit Potato Flakes are manufactured in a completely automated plant and since the group has totally integrated the back-end, the products quality and service is assured. Vegit has a complete backup of technical know-how and a technically and environmentally sound processing system, which enables us to do various kind of customization.

  • With Vegit, particle size and bulk density of Potato Flakes can be customized as per the customer’s requirement.
  • Addition of nutrients is also possible
  • Other ingredients can also be added to suit the various specialized needs of the customers.
  • Vegit Potato Flakes are also available as a 100% natural product
  • Uniform taste and texture helps in maintaining the quality of the end product
  • Shelf life of 12 months helps in better planning and optimal usage
  • It is easy to store and transport. It does not require refrigeration it can be stored in ambient conditions (cool and dry), best result is achieved at <25C.
  • It absorbs less oil when fried. In the process of frying part of the water evaporates and is replaced by oil. Since the moisture content in fresh potatoes is 78% more oil gets absorbed when fresh potatoes are fried as compared to dehydrated potato flakes.
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