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How to Manage a Fussy Eater

We all have a fairy tale idea of meal times with children, chatting, laughing merrily, with everyone happily tucking into their meals. But if you end up with a child who is a fussy or picky eater, meal times may become a little stressful and difficult.

For most children, eating habits are transient and normal eating habits develop as the child becomes older. Generally, eating habits learnt during childhood tend to continue to adulthood so it’s really important that your child develops a healthy relationship with food from an early age. This means that early management of your fussy eater is necessary for long term solutions. Forcing, pleading, coaxing are likely to prove ineffective and may even decrease the liking forfood; threats and punishments never work and usually make things worse.

Help is at hand! Here are some handy and important tactics you might want to try:

  • Be Consistent
    The key is to neither give up nor give in! A consistent mealtime along with a variety of foods and healthy snacks in between would keep healthy eating in check. Also, don’t force your kid to eat. Just because they are picky, doesn’t mean they don’t get hungry. They’ll surely eat when they’re hungry.
  • Mix it up
    When dealing with a picky eater, you may getinto the habit of letting them eat whatever they want, for the sake of simplicity only. But this tactic is not a good idea at all. What you need to do is experiment with different foods. With such a wide range of instant products available in the market, it’s much easier now. Keep trying new dishes, children love to experiment, it’s in their nature.
  • Make it fun
    A meal is not only savoured by the palate, it’s savoured first byaroma, then visually and finally by the taste. Give unique, fun twists to your cooking, put some effort in making them visually attractive by cutting them in various shapes. Serve a variety of brightly coloured foods.
  • Get them involved
    Whether they help with food shopping or preparation, the more your kids get to experiment with food, the more they’ll enjoy food. Let them shop, taste, smell and even play with it. Eating foods becomes easy as the kids get comfortable with them.
  • Be a Good Example
    Children learn what they see. If they see you eating a particular food, they will most likely tryit too.
  • Keep the sweetness in control
    Resist the urge to give sugary foods in order to make your kids eat more. You want to hel them develop healthy eating, not asweet tooth.

Fussy eating is a common problem in children and teenagers. With a little experiment and thoughtfulness, you can overcome this problem. Vegit, with their range of instant snack mixes, present an ideal solution. Not only can you prepare, healthy and tasty food in minutes, but also you get to add your own twist to it. Try adding your twist keeping in mind the tips given above, and turn your picky eater into a food lover!

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