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Fruits of the Season


Summer is the season when one enjoys a lot of tropical fruits. These summer fruits contain high water content and keep dehydration at bay. It is very good to include loads of fruits in your daily diet during summer as they provide a cooling effect. Summer fruits are available for a short span of time so make much good use of them. There are several varieties of fruits that are available in the market during the summer and here are our best picks!


  • Mango: Called the King of fruits, Mangoes are a rage in the country. India produces a wide variety of mangoes, every region has a variant to offer. They are rich in Vitamins A, B and C but it is the luscious, creamy, sweet taste that attracts most people. Mangoes are ideal for smoothies, milkshakes, fruit chaats, fruit creams, desserts or just on their own.
  • Black Plum or Jamun:  This deep purple coloured fruit is a blend of sweet, mildly sour and sharp flavours all in one. Kids love how it has a tendency to colour the tongue purple. Black plums have a lot of medicinal value and can help ward off heat strokes, so add these to homemade juices, salads and even a quick fruit chaat.
  • Litchi:  Also found in the Far East, these are called Chinese Hazelnuts too. The fruit is covered by a reddish-pink roughly textured protecting skin and the insides are filled with soft and sweet translucent pulp. It has a sweet smell also. It is also a very good source of vitamin C and has cooling, and soothing properties. It is eaten raw, and also in the form of desserts and juices.
  • Melon: These come in several varieties like musk melon, cantaloupe, honey dew etc. They are have essentially the same flavour of light sweetness and are mostly water based, so they are perfect for summers. Melons are also used in desserts and since they are not too sweet, they can be used in salads too!
  • Watermelon: Watermelon has a juicy sweet interior with a reddish flesh and a very high water content making it a true thirst quencher. It is eaten in the raw form or taken as a juice. The juice is rich in Vitamin C, but it is the hydration properties of this fruit which make it so popular in summers. Ripe watermelons are excellent for juicing.
  • Plum: These are eaten raw and when ripe they can extremely juicy, the seed is discarded and cannot be consumed. Plums are good source of Vitamin C and antioxidants as it helps in boosting the immunity of the body which is required in hot summer months. Plums add flavour and colour to desserts like pies, tarts and fresh fruit salads.

So this summer, junk the junk food and enjoy fresh, seasonal fruits. They are always a healthier alternative and can be washed and eaten anytime you are hungry.

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