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Cool it with coolers!

  • We all are very well acquainted with the kind of summers we experience in India. Therefore, surviving the heat and carrying on with our daily chores of the day becomes a never-ending struggle.
  • In summers, our bodies tend to loose a lot of water in the form of sweat and perspiration which may lead to severe dehydration. Apparently, two thirds of our body consists of water and in order to maintain this water balance, we have to drink more water and as much fluids as possible. The key to proper hydration is that you must schedule your water intake.
  • So how do you beat the heat in summers and keep your body up and running? Here's how. Enjoy these refreshing and rejuvenating beverages in summers and make the most of the season without any struggle.
  • Lemonade or the popular Nimbu Pani as we call it is a perfect thrist quencher especially during hot Indian summers. All you need is lemon juice, sugar or honey as per taste and crushed ice. It's also good for people who are on weight loss diet.
  • Jaljeera is another spicy and lemony refreshing Indian drink with digestive qualities since it has ‘cumin powder’ as one of its main ingredients. These lemon based beverages are excellent source of Vitamin C and potassium.
  • It's time to put your creative hat on and experiment with milk. Milk can be used to make refreshing drinks like cold coffee, milk shakes that are also wholesome and nourishing. Just mix some coffee or blend the fruit of your choice into chilled milk and sip you favourite beverage on a hot summer day to chill and relax. Thandai is another North-Indian drink made especially during scorching hot summer days. This thirst-quencher is tasty and cooling.
  • You can also try chilled and creamy yougurt drinks like Masala Chach, Meethi lassi Mango lassi, smoothies to keep you cool on hot summer days. Simply blend your choice of fruit with a creamy yogurt and you're good to go! Smoothies make for best beverages during breakfast and in between meals. They are full of nutrition in the form of calcium from yougurt and vitamins and minerals depending upon the fruits you are using.
  • Chach goes well with a meal. You can add various spices like zeera powder, ginger, black pepper to aid in digestion. You can carry it with you to your office as well. If you want to try something sweet you can make meethi lassi or Mango Lassi which is a perfect cooler on a hot day. You can add extra sweetness to it (if you like) with sugar or honey.
  • Beat the heat with fruit juices and replenish your body with essential vitamins and minerals. Juice of orange, mausambi, pineapple, grapes should be consumed during summers to reduce body heat and decrease the risk of dehydration.You can try blending in various fruit squashes easily available in the market and make your own mocktail.
  • Sharbats- Sharbat is a refreshing drink in India, prepared with fruits, flower petals. During summer, this drink helps to keep the body cool. It is made with ingredients possessing natural cooling properties such as Bel, Rose , Khus etc.
  • Iced tea – You can try Iced tea available in various flavours or combine them with various juices to make your own mocktails. NesTEA ICED TEA is a special blend of natural tea and and natural flavor enriched with goodness of vitamin C. You can choose from two flavours of Lemon and Peach and enjoy its great refreshingly good taste.
  • So, what are you waiting for. Enjoy summers with these amazing coolers and just chill.
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