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About Vegit

Vegit, a subsidiary of Merino Group, is a nationally leading brand, making Potato Flakes & Instant Snack Mixes, in the ready to cook market. Vegit offers 100% classic Indian, vegetarian snacks which require only a tenth of the cooking time and effort, while retaining the authenticity and pleasure of traditional cooking. The USP of Vegit products is that they can be prepared with a “Twist” as the customer is free to experiment and customize the dish as per their taste.

Vegit initially launched Aloo Tikki and Veg Cutlet and subsequently, the company decided to expand its offerings and launched other snack-mixes including Cheese Balls, Harabhara Kebab and Aloo Bonda, followed by Burger Patty, Nutri Soya Roll and Shammi Kebab. Presently, Vegit offers a range of 9 mouthwatering instant Indian snacks with plans to launch more products in the upcoming year. Vegit is now the leader in the Ready-to-Cook segment of the F&B Industry.


This year we introduced 4 new entries in our portfolio for customers with a variety of taste palettes:

  • Sabudana Vada
  • Falafel
  • Corn-star
  • Halwa

This year’s expansion plans were all on schedule with the addition of 'Pav Bhaji' to Vegit range of Instant Snack Mixes.

The introduction of new Snack Mix included tasting sessions and interaction with consumers at store level to promote the ease, comfort and convenience of Vegit products.

Introduced 3 more product units:

  • Burger Patty
  • Nutri Soya Roll
  • Shammi Kebab

3 more snack mixes were added:

  • Cheese Balls
  • Harabhara Kebab
  • Aloo Bonda

Packaging was also revamped with a contemporary lower case font that was used for the Variant Names, and the colour scheme was also in appetizing food oriented colours.

Vegit entered the retail market with the following products:

  • Aloo Mash: 1 Kg, 400 grams and 120 Grams with an MRP of Rs. 130, 60 and 20 respectively
  • AlooTikki
  • Veg Cutlet

Merino Group carried out a forward integration from Agro operations, cold chain and seed multiplication into processing and that was the conception of brand, Vegit. The first product launched was Vegit Aloo Mash/Potato Flakes. Subsequently Vegit has increased the basket of offerings to 9 instant snack mixes.

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The year 2014 will see the introduction of four new snack mixes in our portfolio. The flavors will be introduced to cater to the taste buds of Indian consumers, while a twist recipe on all the packs will ensure we keep our philosophy of ‘Hamara Mix, Aapka Twist’ intact.

This year expansion plans are all on schedule with the addition of ‘Pao Bhaji’ to the Vegit range of Instant Snack Mixes.

The marketing calendar includes tasting sessions, interaction with consumers at store level and heavy advertising to promote the ease, comfort and convenience of Vegit products.

3 new SKU have been added as of July 2012:

  • Burger Patty
  • Nutri Soya Rol
  • Shammi Kebab

3 more SKU of snack mixes were added: Cheese Balls, Harabhara Kebab, AlooBonda

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Target: 5000 stores Stand Also/Self Servicing and Modern Trade.

Packaging was also revamped. A contemporary lower case font (with generous thickness to go with the food category) was used for the Variant Names, and the colour scheme was also in appetizing food oriented colours. The packaging appeal was systematically enhanced.

Vegit entered the retail market with the following products in the year 2006 with Aloo Mash: 1 Kg, 400 grams and 120 Grams with an MRP of Rs. 130, 60 and 20 respectively for key institutional buyers like Haldiram and Bikanervala as well as at a retail level.

The first two (2) Instant Snack Mix products Launched were:

  • AlooTikki
  • Veg Cutlet

Merino Group carried out a forward integration from Agro operations, cold chain and seed multiplication into processing and that was the conception of brand, Vegit. The first product launched was Vegit Aloo Mash/Potato flakes. Subsequently the Group has increased the basket of offerings to 8 instant snack mixes.

Corporate Philosophy

Our business is built on the steady pillars of a globally relevant mission, a far reaching vision, a strong three-pronged motto.

  • Mission:
    Universal Weal through Trade & Industry
  • Vision:
    Global Competence & Global Competitiveness Synergizing Western Work Culture & Indian Ethos.
  • Motto:
    Economy Excellence Ethics
  • Explanation of Motto:
    Excellence in Economy is:
    Economic, when founded on Work Ethics.
    Sustainable, when nourished by Moral Ethics.
  • Business Strategy:
    Our approach is Market Driven, Knowledge Based, System Sustained,
    I.T Enabled, and Ethics Anchored.

Infrastructure & Backward Integration

Merino Group is the largest provider of potato storage and processing facilities in the Indian market today, the Group commenced this line of business in 1968. It then diversified its scope of activities from cold storage to farming, bio-technology and food processing. Tissue culture labs and Green houses have been put up at Bhimtal (Uttaranchal) and Hapur (UP). This integration in both directions - forward and backward - has shaped Vegit’s brand initiative in the FMCG market where it launched Vegit Aloo Mash/Potato Flakes and ready to cook snack mixes. The first of its kind potato-processing plant established in Hapur (Uttar Pradesh) is completely automated, with minimal requirement for supervision. Since commissioning this plant, Merino Group has emerged as a leading supplier of technical seed in the Indian market, raw potato in institutions (both wholesale and retail market), and Potato Flakes-based ready-to-cook snack mixes in the retail market, under the brand name Vegit.

Backward Integration

To support Potato Flakes processing and for a consistent supply of best quality raw materials, Merino has integrated its complete agri operations from tissue culture to food processing.


  • Tissue Culture Labs for Development and Multiplication of potato and various other seeds

Contract Farming:

  • For harvesting and producing the best variety of potatoes Merino has taken up tissue culture across 2000 acres of land. Merino provides modern agri concepts to the farmers.

Cold Chains:

  • Merino has one of the leading and most modern cold storage. The storages are CIPC treated to keep the potatoes sugar free round the year.

Potato Processing Plant:

  • An entire line of automated processing plant machinery has been put up to convert potatoes into dehydrated potato flakes. These processes stand as evidence of best practices in the industry.


We encourage adherence to quality, strive to provide our consumers with world class services with an array of superior products that add value to their lives.

At Merino, quality is a tradition that is followed meticulously and in its entirety. Our commitment to the highest standards in manufacturing process has won certifications including HACCP, ISO 22000, FSSC 22000, OHSAS 18001:2007, ISO 14001:2004, ISO 9001:2008 for all our facilities.

Merino has integrated all stages of its operation through ERP, ensuring transparency and on-time information to customers and service providers.

A dedicated and focused Research and Development team works unremittingly towards continuous innovation and improvement, resulting in an array of superior quality products. Moreover, experts from around the world are invited to strengthen our knowledge base.


As a socially conscious brand, we are committed to providing good food and good value to our consumers without leaving footprints on the environment. We understand that what we give to the environment comes back to us, which is why, Vegit has always strived to be a responsible member of the global community through various initiatives.

At Vegit, we have always actively praised sustainability and are committed to adopting it as a way of life. Ecological Conservationism is at the core of our sustainability practice and is achieved by:

  • Meeting a major part of electrical and heat energy requirements through agro-waste fired boilers and steam turbines.
  • Utilizing the ash, which is of organic origin, for making ash bricks.
  • Utilizing the same ash as organic fertilizer, mixed with slurry from our Bio Reactors that produce Bio gas from the waste of the Food Processing Plant.
  • Producing more than 500 Million tons of vermi-compost using the waste from the Potato Processing Plant.
  • Burning all combustible waste in the incinerator, and utilizing the heat to dry agro waste used as fuel.
  • Encouraging plantation and development of "Green Belts" inside our premises, as well as, in the neighborhood.



We actively work towards reducing pressure on natural resources by adopting an effective pro environment stance alongside adhering to eco-conservationist standards.

We have undertaken the following environment-friendly practices at our factories:

  • FO/Diesel generators replaced with eco-friendly agro waste-fuelled turbines for power generation.
  • 500 trees planted in neighboring regions every year.
  • A 'Green Belt' developed inside the factory by planting shrubs, flowers, grass & trees.
  • Waste in all processes reduced to a minimum through an Environment Management Programme.
  • Chemical Fertilizers complimented by vermi-compost made from potato peels.
  • Boiler ash used in brick making.


Our efforts to empower the education movement in India are met by:

  • Affording needy & deserving students an equal opportunity to study.
  • Publishing value-based literature.


We actively support the cause of fighting Tuberculosis and have contributed by the following means:

  • Adopted 100 villages in the belt around Hapur, U.P. to Garh Mukteshwar.
  • Established dispensaries, as well as mobile vans and doctors on service. This initiative is supported by the Government of
    India and W.H.O.
  • Follow up system established to check on the patients for up to 2 years after they are cured.
  • Supplementing the medical treatment with Yogic Exercise and herbal based Ayurvedic Medicines.

We further augment our Social Responsibility efforts through our initiative ‘Annapoorna,’ in association with the Swami Vivekananda Mid-day Meal Program. The program is a significant service in the field of health and education, and marks a crucial step towards nation building. Some of the salient features of this program are:

  • Providing nutritious and hygienic meals to over 500 students studying in primary schools and children belonging to the weaker section of society.
  • The system through which the program is administered is ISO & HACCP certified and is also IT enabled.
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